Geke D.S. Ludden

Assistant Professor Product Design
Telephone: +31 53 489 2920
Fax: +31 53 489 3631
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Room: Horstring W254

General Information

I work as an assistant professor for the chair of Interaction Design at the Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering Technology. As such, I both teach and do research. I was educated as an industrial designer (MSc 2003) and hold a PhD in multisensory design and design for experience. My research centers around how the design of products and services influences people's behaviour and motivation. Many of the projects I contribute to are aimed at making positive changes in people's physical or mental health. As a member of the board of the Design & Emotion Society I connect with an international network of designers and researchers.


Design and design processes in general with specific topics including smart products, human – computer interaction, (multi)sensory design, design for behaviour change and design for emotion. Domain expertise in o.a. health, work environments, social connectedness, social networks & social media. Read MORE about my research focus, current projects, publications etc.


Geke teaches Designing in Context at the Creative Technology bachelor programme, is coordinator of the Scientific Challenges module at the Industrial Design bachelor programma and contributes to the track Human Technology Relations of the master programme of Industrial Design Engineering by teaching the course Multisensory Design. Next to this she is a guest lecturer and coach for several bachelor and master projects during their end assignments.